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We conduct research on the issue of environment, climate change mitigation and adaption. We also develop methods and tools for climate risk management, especially to support development of climate change related action plans.

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There is a connection between Climate and Society. Uncertainty and climate change will impact and affect society. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that the average increase in global temperatures of 0.6 oC simply melts the formation of polar ice, causing floods or droughts. Some regions will get more rainfall, while others will have less rainfall. The events of this extreme climate will become commonplace and of course will have an impact on the environment and society. The biggest impact is on people whose main source of income is from agriculture or other activities that are very dependent on the weather. This is what makes the environment and society more vulnerable. Climate change and uncertainty can reduce yields in many tropical regions. In many sub-tropical regions with rare water conditions, warming of the earth will worsen the problem. The number of people affected by diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and cholera will increase.

The consequences of climate change and uncertainty, such as rising sea levels, and extreme weather events pose important scientific and socioeconomic challenges, both in terms of planning and managing risks associated with the impact of these changes. The most important thing is how the concept of climate as a resource for the community is empowered and the emergence of climate uncertainty and its impact can be studied and utilized to reduce the vulnerability of the community and ultimately improve the welfare of the community.

Our Goals

We focus on the value of social and humnitarian aspect in development of climate resilient society and management of climate uncertainties. Commintment to deal with climate change is important, so does buildng resilience to it’s impact. Yet, we should not sacrifice growth of the society economically.

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